Everyone has different reasons for seeking financial advice, but some of the most common reasons our clients have sought us out centres around major life events. We love hearing their stories and we share their hopes and dreams.

  • Young families often want to pay down debt quicker
  • Many of our clients want to send their children to private schools and save for possible tertiary education
  • Often retirement is on the horizon and they are looking forward to travelling, a few have come to us with plans to buy a campervan and take off for a few months
  • A common theme is family – many pre-retirees are cutting back at work to look after their grandchildren and want to make sure they can afford to do this, and spoil the grandchildren as much as possible
  • A few clients have come to us stating they want to start a small business so need advice about funding their venture as well as making sure they can afford to give up full time work while they focus on their new business.

Client Testimonials

“We needed specialist advice and chose RetireInvest Darwin. At the time, we didn’t realise how long term and beneficial the relationship would be for us. We achieved what we wanted, a tailored package and not what someone else thought we should have or forced to choose between some off the shelf standard investment packages. The investment stream recommended exceeded my requirements and is still operational today.

I am enjoying my retirement a few years earlier than planned. I am awaiting my wife to join me in retirement. We have achieved our financial goals and have the peace of mind knowing we can just enjoy a long and happy retirement without any financial concerns.

Looking at the results we have achieved, I would sincerely recommend anyone with long term financial goals to consult a specialist financial adviser at the earliest opportunity in their life.

I would like to thank Glen and his RetireInvest Darwin team for their efforts to date, and I am sure many more meetings will take place when my wife retires and during our retirement years.”

Greg Davis of Sippy Downs, QLD

“With the notion that we could manage our funds ourselves, it quickly became evident that there are a myriad of rules, regulations and changing laws that govern what, when and how you can manage funds and still have access to some or all of it when you need it.

We made contact with Glen and felt we were dealing with someone who really cared about our own unique situation and wanted to see us glean all the benefits when we retired.

Having someone who is looking after your unique interests and is willing and able to explain the complexities of the ever changing requirements and laws is of great comfort. We have achieved our goals and more and we take great satisfaction in knowing we now have enough money to maintain our living style, go on a few trips and be financially secure well into our retirement. Many thanks to Glen and his research team.”

John & Lynne Gilmour of Sippy Downs, QLD

“I first approached Glen Boath at RetireInvest in 2005 and was looking for a 10 year strategy that could then fund future retirement options. At our initial meeting Glen made us feel very relaxed and demystified the intricacies of the superannuation system. We were able to map out a clear strategy that ensured our retirement goals were met.

We are now in our third year of retirement and are both very confident that the strategy provided by RetireInvest will best place us to live the lifestyle we have chosen, while ensuring that provisions for our children and their families are protected.

We live over half the year overseas and the remainder of the year in Australia. Glen's advice and our resultant decisions, allow us to travel and support our families, as required, with complete peace of mind, notwithstanding some challenging financial environments, both nationally and internationally.

We have recommended Glen and his RetireInvest Team to others and know that they are also very pleased with the advice and the performance of their superannuation investments.”

Peter & Ellen Herden of Darwin, NT

“My wife and I discussed seeking professional help with planning for our retirement for a couple of years. It took being made redundant to actually push us to take the next step of going to see a financial advisor.

Suddenly we had a large sum of money that we had no clear idea as to how or what to invest it in. We did not feel comfortable to make those decisions on our own. Our initial consultation with Glen at RetireInvest went very well, and we left our first meeting feeling considerably more informed and a lot more confident about our decision to seek advice.

The work that the RetireInvest Team undertook, has provided us with choices we did not previously realise we had.

Seeking financial advice has allowed us to feel comfortable to make decisions about how and where we live our life. We are closer to family and friends and are both extremely happy living the life we dreamed.”

Gerry Gibson of Blackstone Heights, TAS

“Having a supportive adviser that recommended the insurance cover suitable for my specific needs; and then help with every step when it came time to make a claim was so easy.

The whole team at RetireInvest Darwin helped with the claim and was in ‘my corner’, understood my situation, supported my side of the story and conversed with the insurer to push the claim along.

Not having to deal with the insurer and endless phone calls was a huge relief and positive step towards my recovery.”

David B